The point of sale (POS) of M2J Solutions solution provides you with all the necessary tools to allow you to have the most profitable management

Point of sale system (POS)

No matter how crazy your day is, the point of sale of your restaurant you will always keep under control. Our software offers a wide range of tools that will help you manage your business effectively, which will improve the speed, efficiency and profits of your business. Best of all, it’s affordable, easy to configure, and saves you money!

  • Easy table management

  • Management of delivery or take out orders

  • Management of menus and multiple modifiers

  • Employee management

  • Printer management

  • Assign commands to seats or tables

  • Send orders to the kitchen or bar

  • Split or group invoices and transfer items

  • Divide the items between customers

  • Predefined modifiers to speed up order taking

  • Kitchen monitor

  • Payment at the table with portable terminals

  • Report on phone or tablet

  • Corporatif module

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The simplest point of sale on the market!

Kitchen video display

Our powerful kitchen video display software uses an optimized grid and color configuration, which simplifies order preparation and communication, and reduces the average time required to complete an order and replaces the need for expensive Bumb Bar.

  • Instantly eliminate or reduce recurring paper costs

  • Support touch screen monitors

  • Customizable appearance and color scheme

  • Number of rows and columns fully customizable

  • Mass control functionality

  • Operates from the workstation or on a standalone PC

The management systems are designed for the following establishments: restaurants, bars, hotels, golf clubs, nightclubs, ski centers, sports centers, spas, reception halls, etc.